Vijay's Political Ambitions ?

The Tamil Film Star Vijay receives the first stamp album of the special postage stamp on ‘Pongal’. After reading the news in the newspaper I was wondering why was Vijay chosen for recieving the stamps . But if rumours are to be believed then what my friend says must be true.My friend who came from his hometown in Tamil Nadu after celebrating Pongal, says that according to news reports in dailies there, Vijay is all set to campaign for DMK for the upcoming elections. Why would Vijay do that ? After recent IT raids in the houses of the cine stars of Kollywood, he is in need of some political support to shield himself from the IT raid squads in future. Though one shouldn't jump to conclusions , the rumour does make some sense to me!

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  1. அட என்னாத்த சொல்வேனுங்கோ..
    I was surprised when i saw Dhayanidhi Maran doing a casual conversation show for Ponggal in SUNTV..
    அரசியல் வியாதி.. sorry வாதியா ஆகனும்னா, 2 படத்துலே, Super Fast Dialogue பேசுங்கே... சும்மா கில்லி மாதிரி வில்லனே அடிங்கே..
    அப்புறம் உங்களுக்கா வரும் சேதி..
    சொல்லுறான் ஆதி...

    Sorry, Flowலே வந்துட்டு..

  2. Reva,

    LOL. That was funny but true!

  3. Hi Prabhu,
    That was an interesting post. Well one can say that if Vijay does side with DMK then Amma's chances are all but kaput!

    Btw, I like the new look of the blog very much. Nice photoshop job!

  4. Venkat,

    Hopefully my blog retains the same look for a long time.:)..You know how many times I have changed the templates!..And the credit for the new look should go to Karthi

    Prabhu S

    2:28 PM

  5. I was furious when i read this..
    Namma oorula irunthu oru freedom fighter/kavingar/tamil scholars or kamalhassan/manoramma ..avangala ellam vittutu Vijay..cha !

    now dont tell me..arasiyal-la idhellam sagajam-pa..Enniku thaan ithuku vidivu kaalam varumo !!