Aaaru - Keep Off

I suggest you might do yourself a favour from avoiding the Tamil film Aaaru. Violence being the main theme the movie fails miserably. Hari did much better in Saami.

PS: There were days during which I used to argue with my friends that commercial Tamil cinema was better than Hindi and kannada( atleast if one considers comedy and music). But now those arguments will fall flat on their face.

4 comments :: Aaaru - Keep Off

  1. HAve a wonderful new year Prabhu. May god bless you and your family. Keep on writing great posts.

  2. Thanks GP!

  3. Hi Prabhu
    I had no intention to watch Aaru. Thanks for complete warning. Your point about Tamil cinema's masala movies not as good Hindi, I don't know to what to say.

    They are equally crap.
    On one hand you got Sivakasi and Aaru, on the other you got Aashiq Banaya Aapne and Chocolate.

    The packaging and look in Hindi is better - content wise - equally crap.

  4. Hi Venkat,

    You are right, content wise both are crap..What I meant was Tamil Cinema had more quality . But it is loosing it and fast catching up with Bollywood.