After the serial blasts in Bangalore, it was said as usual that all cities would be put on high alert. With in 24 hours we see bomb blasts happening in prominent places of Ahmedabad. Not one, not two but 16 blasts killing nearly 50 citizens. It makes me wonder what it means by having cities on high alert. The political rhetoric is as much sorrowful as the tragic deaths of innocents in the face of terror. It is high time that the intelligence agents have more teeth and become efficient in subverting the terror activities.



Thanks to Kamal's adept screenplay Dasavatharam is saved from becoming a complete failure. If only he had restrained a bit in his indulgence the final outcome could have been much better.

Song Appreciation


The song 'Hosa baalina hosilali..' from the movie Shravana Banthu is a perfect song to suit a wedding occasion. Rajkumar's rendering of the song is flawless. Subtle variations in his diction not just in this song but in many others as well is something which sets him apart from others.