Bridge and the Traffic


This image from Google Earth shows the painstakingly constructed suspended bridge.It took three years to complete the construction. The people using the highway during that period experienced hell. And the agony has not ended. New problems have crept in , the traffic near the bridge during peak hours would make one wish that the bride wasn't there.

Richard Feynman


"Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!" , a book which would give the reader a delightful insight into one of the most exciting character who shaped physics.His zest for life amazes me. A extraordinary physcist who also devoted time to art, safecracking,music and above all enjoyed his life.Hans Bethe had said "A magician does things that nobody else could ever do and that seem completely unexpected...and that's Feynman".I couldn't agree more.

Unnecessary Controversy

The controversy that has struck Indian cricket is unfortunate. The issue should have been discussed confidentially and sorted out. Now that the differences between Chappel and Ganguly have become public, the news channel are having good time. I hate seeing every bit of news being flashed as Breaking News.

After this episode I don't think there can be any patch up between the coach and the captain.Even if there is a fix it won't last long. One should quit.I am not sure who should go but I think Ganguly should do himself a favour by stepping down, make himself available to domestic cricket and prove his worth.

Partial Zero !

The folowing humour I read in the FeedBack column of the NewScientist.

“Patrick de Freitas tells us that in Salt Lake City, Utah, water department trucks go around proclaiming they are "partial zero emission" vehicles”

Photos at Flickr

I have now setup a flickr account and have uploaded few photos that I took
to flickr. Check them here

New Template

My blog has a new template now. If you have seen my earlier template and feel that it was better than what it is now please feel free to comment.



Early morning walk or is it early morning drive ?

England Win Ashes


Thanks to Kevin Pietersen, England regains the Ashes. Australians have been humbled and I am delighted.

image courtesy :

Nalaya CM


With 'Captain' Vijaykanth's first arasial maanadu scheduled on 14 of this month one can see posters inviting the people to the meeting on every nook and corner of the town. His suppoters consider him to be the next CM of TN. Vijaykanth was also featured in the Madan's Thirai Parvai this week on Vijay TV. He didn't miss the oppurtunity and used it very well as a platform for canvassing.But I don't think his party will make any mark in TN politics if it decides to fight it out alone. The field is there for tussle between Karunanidhi and JJ only and none else.

Unfair Fare

I commute to my office and back home by the BMTC buses. Three months back there was a hike of Rs 50 in the monthly pass fare. And with the hike in fuel prices , the BMTC officials have announced that fare of the monthly pass would be further hiked by 30 Rs.However the ticket prices remain the same. Seems like I should not use the pass but rather buy tickets every time I do the travel.

Meanwhile the traffic woes of Bangalore is getting worse.Azim Premji of Wipro qoutes thus :

Bangalore is a national calamity in terms of infrastructure .

Visual Tale

Last week I along with my brother and his family visited our aunt’s house in a town called Kaveripattinam, Tamil Nadu. It was a welcome break to me. After spending a day there we visited our traditional temple (Kulla Deaivam) in a village called Dallapatti. It’s an hour drive from Kaveripattinam. After offering our prayers we were back in Kaveripattinam. The panorama of life that I witnessed during my stay enchanted me. In parts, I will post few of the shots that were taken during the trip.


I am tagged by Venkat to recap my past. Here it is..

Do You Remember the Name of Your Very First School?

I did my nursery and my First Standard studies at Sri Ramakrishna Primary & Middle School, Ulsoor, Bangalore.

How about the name of your first friend at school...

Mallikarjun , we are good friends to this day and will be ever.

Who was your favourite teacher?

Miss Anthia who taught us English in our 6th and 7th Standards and Mrs Pushpa Bhaskar..she was my Kannada professor in my pre-university studies.

What subject did you dread the most?


Did you participate in co-curricular activities?

Not a active participant
, but I did participate in one quiz contest. My team won the preliminaries and lost in the finals.

Which was your favourite sport?

FootBall was the game that I played each day in my school. Also Leg-Cricket..a form of cricket in which ones leg is the bat and the ball is rolled down instead of being bowled!

Which places did you visit on a school trip?

Nothing. The only place visited with my class was the Nehru Planitorium, Bangalore.

Now, there must a boy/girl whom you hated the most and never wanted to see again in your life, who was it?

None, thankfully.

You must have had a close friend, without whom you thought you could never live and then you both moved on, lost touch and now only wonder in which part of the word he/she must be in…who is it?

Nothing as such..

Venkat, thanks for rekindling my memories of good old days.

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