New Template

My blog has a new template now. If you have seen my earlier template and feel that it was better than what it is now please feel free to comment.

8 comments :: New Template

  1. Hi Prabhu
    This is a very nice template you got here. Very nice, but the only thing I dont like is the fact that you cant log into your blogger account when writing comments!

    Otherwise very nice.

  2. Thanks, Venkat.
    You are right. The blogger should manually enter his url each time but one can bold, italicise, provide link with ease.

    Prabhu S

    12:46 PM

  3. Prabhu from were did you get this template?

    This one is really good.

  4. Thanks, Karthi,

    Its available @ Blogger-Templates

  5. This is cool. I think a different colour on the top(subtle colour) would make this excellent. Your profile pic distracts a lot.

  6. JVC,

    yes, the Mandelbrot set doe distract. I will go for something else

    Prabhu S

    6:13 PM

  7. i havent seen ur old template, but like this one, tempted to use this for my blog

  8. uve modified the template?? nice work


    9:44 PM