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Baaski is one of my favorite humorist. Sample the following from VPL which had me in splits: (non Tamil readers please excuse. Translation won't help)

On the topic of traffic woes:

நேயர் : இனிமேல் எங்கேயும் நடந்துதான்
போகணும் சார் !

பாஸ்கி : நடக்குற கதையா பேசுங்க

G.V Prakash seems to have drawn a lot of ‘inspiration’ from various sources for creating Ayirathil Oruvan. Its lack of originality has made me become tired of it!

I am keen to watch Pasanga. Of what ever I have seen of it on TV it appears to be promising.

As much as I love listening to Ilayaraaja's masterpieces, I try not listening to him speak in interviews and events. Most of the time its nonsense. Recent case was in the audio release of Valmiki.

Keith Barry does brain magic at TED. Watch it and be astonished!

I am currently reading The Perfect Thing: How the iPod Shuffles Commerce, Culture and Coolness. My black iPod appears much cooler now!