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I watched the classic comedy of the late Thangavelu from the film Kalyana Parisu again. I think that the performance of Thangavelu along with his wife Saroja in Kalyana Parisu should find place in the list of all time great comedy in Tamil Cinema. Other equally brilliant performance should be that of Nagesh in the movie Kadhalika Neramillai. When I see such great comedy in old movies I can’t help but contrast them with the present and feel that the performances of Nagesh and Thangavelu are far more accomplished than those done by present breed of comedians like Vivek, Vadivelu and others.

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  1. I think its the changing times that forces the market to adapt more commercial and rubbish comedies from the likes of them.

    The yesteryear comendians were true work-centric masters whose candidness cannot be copied by todays pop-comedians. ANd the genre itself changed alot, the old comedies can be treasured forever while the newer ones are just for a short laugh.

  2. Oh yes sure..
    I love thangavelu...

    His comedies most often made alot of sense..

  3. You are quite right about Nagesh and Thangavelu. They were commanders of the comedy genre in their day. Today I feel the comedians try much much harder to evoke laughs. In fact I have to say that one of the best comic performers in Tamil cinema right now is definitely Kamal and also perhaps Satyaraj.

    However, I think you were a little harsh on Vivek, although many times (and in many movies) his jokes sink, there are times where he has biting humour mixed brilliantly with satirical points about Politics, Religion and Society in general.

    Vadivelu is a one (no??) trick pony, I find him to be crap.

    I don't know if the show "The Simpsons" is available in India, but it has to be the smartest, most hilarious and ultimately best comedy routines I have seen. It is laugh out loud funny and simultaneously satirical to the point when you think you are laughing at yourself. It's an incredible achievement considering there is one new show every week for the past 15 or so years.

    The show "Seinfeld" is also very funny, however it doesn't have the wit of the Simpsons and sooner or later you understand the routine.

  4. mm..Ippo ellam aadangoya/aaa ooo nu kathina adhu oru comedy..enaku siripu varalai..Huh!
    Olden days comedy for sure...sirikka sinthikka range la thaan irukum !Good old days !

  5. Venkat,

    True, Vivek does make some sensible satarical humour and Vadivelu also at times is good. However they are not in the same class as Nagesh or Thangavelu.

    "The Simpsons" does feature in a english Channel here but I have not seen them .:(