A unique show of respect

In Bangalore , I have observed that in hotels particularly the Darshini kind of hotels there will be a display of delicious food stuffs . Our mouth should water glancing at the display. The actual menu is different though. But in Upahara Mandir, a darshini in Jayanagar, to which I frequent there is no display of food but there is a line up of literary figures. Eminent personalities of Kannda literature . Kuvempu, Da Ra Bendre, Shivarama Karanth, and A.N Murthy Roa. Also displayed are sculptures of Hampi . I appreciate the owner of the Darshini for caring to respect the giants in this unique way. I think, seeing at the kind of cinema that come out of Kannada film industry there is scant respect for the people who shaped the Kannada literature. Hopefully the efforts like the one mentioned draws the attention of people, while they satisfy their hunger, to the literary works of those men.

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