Energy Treatment - Pseudoscience

Energy Treatment is a practice that is practised by a conman called Sathiyamoorthy.Tune into Vijay TV at 9:00 PM every sunday and you will be surprised to see the talent of his. He owns a device which is nothing but a kind of dipole antenna . He would detect the 'energy radiation' sorrounding ones body and suggest a remedy if there are any violations in the energy distribution. It would suffice to mention one of his claims to rebuke his ideas - he has cure for AIDS! . He has many more things to offer.

It irritates me when I see the innocence of people who fall prey to his tactics. Energy Treatment is just one example of many such programmes that get telecast on TV , especially in Tamil channels. I wish to file a PIL against conmen like Sathiyamoorthy.Is it possible? would the case stand in court?

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  1. Very interesting.! I bet you can file a suit.! Consumer court..! But then...Vijay TV? isn't it STAR Network? Isn't it owned by Rupert Murdoch?. Maybe we can complain to him?

    Also - Is this a paid advertisement? Not sure..!

    I was thinking about subscribing to Vijay TV via Direct TV here in the US...but after your post I am thinking now.! Thanks for the eye opener.!

  2. Narayanan,

    Vijay TV gets paid for airing his show. Not just Vijay , even Raj does the same .

    Thanks for your comments .