The 'Long' Culture

There is dearth of good talent in Kannada cinema today. Sandalwood was never in good health over the past decade. It largely survived on remaking films, just plain copy of films from Tamil and Telugu. Originality and creativity were alien to the film makers. Things are changing now but for the worse. violence and rowdy culture are being glorified now. The storyline may be original but the content is awful. Sad, it is these kind of movies that have become a rage with the Kannada youth. To mention some of those :

Mental Manja
Deadly Soma..

Deadly Soma has the caption 'Dumidhre Baro'. In the preview of the movie Jogi on ETV one fan of ShivrajKumar aka Shivanna had this to say :

"Eshto jana hudugiyarigai long thegadirodhanu nodidhave!
Adharae Shivannaru Ammanigoskara long hidithirodhu idhae first timu!"

Seven Jnanpith Awards have been bestowed on Kannada.The film makers are not skilled enough, except Girish Kassaravalli , to convert many good Kannada literature into cinema . Unfortunately Kasaravalli's efforts are not commercially viable.

If there is one man who can stop this, he is Dr.RajKumar.
Annavre, dayavittu enadhru maddi.

3 comments :: The 'Long' Culture

  1. Hi Prabhu
    I don't think you should criticise films for the content, but I don't like how many films are popular just for their depiction of various "hip" aspects. Content is upto the filmmaker, but I agree many filmmakers are doing vulgar movies just to cash in on popularity.

    I don't know Kannada, so I can't really comment about what Shivanna had to say. I know Tamil though!

    How is Kamal's Kannada movie coming along? Is it good?

  2. Hi Venkat,

    Yes, I blame the filmmakers who are responsible for the content .

    There has been no news yet on Kannada 'Sati Lelavathi'. Lets see how Kamal fares in kannada, he is not quite comfortable with the language.

  3. Even God can't help ailing Kananda Film industry.