Humour in science

New Scientist, a weekly science and technology magazine carries a regular feature called Feedback. Its
about humour in everyday science. I quite regularly visit the website and check it out. To mention a example,
Feedback once had this to say :

While shopping in Tesco supermarket recently, Tony Park noticed a section of the display labelled "invisible thread". It appeared to be sold out, but Park wasn't sure.

Numerous instances of humour of this kind and others have been published in Feedback.

There is also a Q&A feature called The Last word. In this readers can send in questions pertaining to everyday science.
The answers too are provided by the readers. One question which recently impressed me was this:
Wheel seems to be a convenient sort of locomotion, then why did not wheels evolve in nature?

A very good question isn't? The answers sent in by readers also were too good. So check out the website and have fun with feedback
and come to know better your world around with The Last word.

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