'Devaru' - questioning the ultimate

Devaru is a book that questions the existence of power that is known as god. Written by a well known Kannada writer AN Murthy Roa, it is worth a read. AN Murthy Roa is well known for his agnostic thoughts. The author counters the belief in god by laying valid scientific analysis. Explains how the concept of god would have got ingrained in human psyche.

Though I am not a atheist , I found the book engaging. If you have a scientific temper you would find yourself agreeing with the author while reading the book. It does not matter if you are agnost or a believer.

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  1. I wonder if God reads these books, smiles, and shakes His head. "Wow, you almost convinces Me!"

  2. Loren,

    That is a interesting observation!

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  3. Hi Prabhu,
    Do u visit WWW.Kannadaaudio.com by any chance?
    I haven't read "Devaru" , thanks for sharing your views.


    7:17 AM

  4. Hi Blimbos,

    Yes ,I do visit kannadaaudio, udbhavakannada.

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  5. English Translation? Looks like an interesting book to me.!

  6. Narayanan,

    I don't think it has been translated into english..but if you can read Kannada , you must read the book.Worth spending time on it.

  7. It is a very nice book. I like it a lot. Do you know, if it is translated to English?