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For the past two weeks, in my free time, I was occupied with the novel 'The House of Blue Mangoes' David Davidar. I completed reading it .David Davidar has made his debut with this book. I bought this book in the 'Sapna' bookstall in Bangalore. I remembered reading reviews of this book when it was initially published. Critics had showered praised on this book. The book engrosses the reader very much. The story traveses thorough the three generations of a Tamil family.Being a Tamilian myself , it wasn't difficult for me get involved in reading the book. Set in the period of British occupation of India the book throws up lot of things to contemplate upon. What I liked most about is the authors writing of emotional circumstances. You develope a relationship with the characters of the novel and when they die you sense a personal loss.

David is now working on his second novel. A report about the same can be found here.

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  1. Sounds like a good read. Will hunt it down soon. I like VS Naipul, people who write stories that connect souls. Another book on journeys of indians from around south asia is " A Glass Palace " by amitav ghosh.

  2. GP,

    Yes, get it soon, you won't regret it!. I haven't read VS Naipul, but have read the review on "A Glass Palace"..might be my next read!

    Thanks for stopping by GP.