World Cup Resolutions

Nirmal Shekar writes about resolutions worth considering with regards to the forthcoming Cricket World Cup. Read all the resolutions here. All his points are very much valid. I liked the following much:

Let us resolve that we will not elevate — apeing the tacky TV tripe peddled by sportscasters — the latest match-winning century by an Indian batsman into `the greatest ODI hundred ever made.' Even a cursory knowledge of history will be enough to realise that there were, indeed, a few in the past who could do a bit with the bat in World Cups. Ever heard of Viv Richards?

Let us resolve that we will never again say that Team India carries the hopes of a billion people and the prayers of that many are with Rahul Dravid's men. The truth — if anybody still cares for it in this age of ephemera, an age of boosterism and saturation coverage of popular sport in the media — is that a vast majority of that billion has rather more mundane everyday concerns. Their hopes and dreams are not hooked to the fortunes of the men in blue.

Let us resolve that we will not glorify the triumph as the `greatest achievement in the history of Indian sport' should Dravid's men come back with the World Cup. It might not even be the greatest achievement in the history of Indian cricket. Twenty four years ago, on a lovely English summer day, a bunch of one-day cricket minnows from this land beat one of the greatest sides ever to take the field in a World Cup final — Clive Lloyd's 1983 West Indians.

Let us resolve to revel in the glory of every great performance in this World Cup irrespective of the nationality of the performer. Let us not be prisoners of our passions and become sorry losers. It never did matter to me that Shane Warne wasn't Indian; nor did it matter to me that Pete Sampras and Roger Federer were unlikely to get goose-bumps when the Jana, Gana, Mana is sung. Tendulkar apart, these are the men who have given me the greatest sports-watching pleasure in recent times.

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  1. Read that in todays newspaper! Though he missed one point... Resolution one: "I will not talk cricket unless I know the game well."

    With the World Cup just around the corner, every single person wants to prove his point, though he doesn't know anything about the game. Don't you think thats a bit annoying?

  2. @Slim,

    You are spot on!

    I would rather just watch the game and leave it at that..niether listen to pre match session discussion or post match session discussion ..on TV or in office .These things drive me crazy for sure.

  3. I liked almost all the points but well, sometimes he tends to ask the people to remember the player's history before being scathingly critical of his current performance. In my opinion, every player is as good as his most recent innings is. If I have the right to praise him to glory following a hundred, I surely have the right to call him a stupid dud after his zero. Of course, as long as I don't burn effigies and cause public nuisance, I am well within my limits saying it.
    But other points are very well conveyed.
    And by the way, thanks for that Baashaa scene. I absolutely relish that scene. :D

  4. Individualist,

    You are right. We can be critical of ones performance as long it doesn't cause any discomfort to others..

    I am glad that you as well liked the Baasha scene..Also it was not I who posted the video in YouTube. I just came across it and thought I would post it in my blog.