Certain tracks of Rajnikanth’s Sivaji is now available. After the first listen, my opinion is that the album falls flat with all the high expectations over it. It does not reflect A. R Rehman. The A. R Rehman that I know is not seen in the audio tracks of Sivaji. As per the audio listing here, there are three songs and theme music. One of the duets has Udit Narayan as the play back singer. Udit Narayan for Rajni and I cannot imagine how the visuals with the audio is turning out to be! If one should go by the stills that have been doing the rounds it’s going to be awful. There is a theory that Rehman’s album should be heard over many times to appreciate his work with which I do agree. But with Sivaji the theory is not going to work out. Hope that atleast the movie is as much entertaining as was Baasha.

3 comments :: Sivaji

  1. the rap song, oru kudai sunlight is totaly atrocious! I can understand that Tamil songs are undergoing some rap revolution, but this is perfect crap. And for Rajini out of all the people. urghh...sad sad. But its a prerelease, lets c how the full album turns out like. Udits song sucks also...sounds more like a hindi song.

  2. Gp,

    Listening to pre release I have lost hope on the actual product as well..but lets see how it turns out

  3. sivaji songs rocks...

    particularly oru koodai...

    dont know how u felt about him..well ppl here r finding it good


    3:45 PM