With nothing much to do in Chicago, I decided to watch Pokiri which is available in Internet. Thanks to a 24 hours high speed Internet connection at an affordable price in my hotel room the video streaming was good.

As for the movie, only hard core Vijay fans can enjoy it. I felt the movie had a hopelessly written screenplay. I couldn’t, even after watching the complete movie, understand what the movie was about. It is an outright Vijay movie with other characters having absolutely zero significance. Comedy track with Vadivelu was na├»ve. But there is one scene seeing which one would laugh out loud, watching Vijay in a police costume. Yes, Vijay is an IPS officer, a fact which comes to light at the last moment in the plot. Vijay should not even remotely think of donning police officer character in his movies. Less said the better about Manisharma’s musical score for the movie. I am not sure if Pokiri is a hit but Prabhu Deva should be more sensible and be more creative as he would be in his choreography, if he wishes to become a film maker of appreciable quality.

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  1. Back home, you have a DVD of the movie waiting for you.


    2:26 PM

  2. do we even need a review of Vijay movies! arghhh...
    well atleast it was better than talla doing his best to save the stupid alwar.

  3. Gp,

    You are right.Thala Ajith has hit the nadir. I wonder how and when is he going to get another hit against his name.

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  5. Never heard of that movie and now I will never watch that movie LOL. At least you had a high speed internet connection for 24 hours lol. http://ethernetline.com


    11:01 AM