Chicago's Winter

The winter in Chicago is so harsh that after two weeks of stay here I haven’t had the opportunity to do any sightseeing but to stay in my hotel room or in office. Even to my office that is just a stone’s throw away, I have to take a cab. With just couple of more weeks left for my stay in Chicago and the whether not relenting I am afraid I might not see anything worthwhile. The trip to Hong Kong was better, lot better.

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  1. Hehehe...well, then Prabhu, you simply must visit Canadian cities such as Regina, Winnipeg, Edmonton, and my domicile, Calgary. It makes Chicago winters pale, in comparison! Believe me, I know - I lived near Chicago for years. Block heaters on vehicles have to be plugged in, driving on slippery roads is a disgusting experience, and people who park outside can face the lengthy ordeal of scraping ice and snow from windshields. The day before I arrived at Regina from Bangalore on that February 1969 morning, it was -52 F! Yep, that is a minus sign...