I Seek A Ban On...

Aamir Khan’s film Fanna is banned in Gujarat. The Da Vinci Code is banned in few states. Even I would like to seek a ban on the following things:

  • Mega Serials - These are highly reprehensible.
  • Tele-shopping shows - Nothing else can insult one’s intelligence as these shows.
  • 24x7 News channels - Can’t imagine how low they have stooped of late.
  • Shows on numerology, gemology and craps like that.

I have no opinions on the bans on Fanna and The Da Vinci Code but I strongly feel if all things that I have mentioned are banned, TV viewing can be much better.

4 comments :: I Seek A Ban On...

  1. It's almost a year since you started to blog. Keep up the good work.

  2. Oh Yes! Thanks Karthi.

    Prabhu S

    2:06 PM

  3. I agree with you...lets ban everything crap in this world.!

  4. Thats great. There is atleast one individual who agrees with me! Thanks Gp.

    Prabhu S

    8:41 AM