The Da Vinci Code

There are many movies that are made based on a book. The Da Vinci Code must be the first movie that I have watched after reading the book upon which the film is based. Having appreciated the book I was bit skeptical that the cinematic version would be a let down, particularly after reading the reviews in media. But it was not. Though not as gripping and riveting as the book, the movie as well can be appreciated. I feel that presenting a literature in a cinematic form has it own limitation. By that thought I give The Da Vinci Code thumps up.

2 comments :: The Da Vinci Code

  1. er, well, it is pure fiction...and a slap in the face of our faith, for those of us who are Christians. The author has failed to topple down a 2000-year institution, as others have tried, and failed, before.

  2. Yeah Harry, I understand. For me it was just another fiction reading, nothing more than that.