Thenkachi ko Swaminathan

Thenkachi ko Swaminathan is no more. I quite vividly remember listening to his 'Indru oru Thagaval' on All India Radio. The messages and humor said in his inimitable style was thoughtful and mornings were never complete without hearing him. I am sure his demise has come as a shocker to all his followers

4 comments :: Thenkachi ko Swaminathan

  1. May his soul rest in peace!
    Will go look for that song nw. Nt sure if I hv heard that.

  2. Swathi,

    Which song are you referring to?
    'Indru oru Thagaval' in case you have mistaken, is not a song but the name of the program that Swaminathan was hosting..

  3. I took it for a song .. thats y I got confused when I read messages and humour! N google then gave me the answer but I saw ur response before I cud apologize here :P Sorry!

  4. I got dressed to my school listening to his stories! May his soul rest in peace