Tube Curse

I have always observed that when browsing the channels on TV, at times I would come across a particularly interesting piece of program. However what I would get to see with disappointment is the program in its conclusion phase. Recently I experienced such a frustration. I landed on a channel in which a western classical concert was in progress. Listening to the music was pure bliss. But it lasted just few minutes. The loss was more painful, just to wonder what had been missed, to see the audience give the composer standing ovation, with ceaseless applause.

The Rakhi Sawant Swayamwar ‘reality’ show on NDTV Imagine. Totally inane.

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  1. Oh! This happens so many times with me too :( I miss so many pgms on TnL that way!

    And I just feel that is one stupid made-up pgm. Can't believe those guys r really trying that hard :( Y does anyone want to walk on fire or bend a piece of iron to be a woman's man? I fail to understand :O

  2. Hi Prabhu,

    Sometimes I think there should be something like guarantee behind the programmes telecast. Who'd be going to return the time wasted in watching trash? Of course, I know that's not possible. Like people end up glancing just the the headlines, viewers do really perform the channel zapping. It's again wastage of time. Just unavoidable, it's the price we pay for our freedom to choose!