Black Is Ugly

I heard the following conversation on a TV show in which the host of the show discusses with college students regarding all things about their institution.

Host: Oh! Why do you call that dog ‘ugly’?

Student: You see, the dog is black in colour, so we call it ugly...

I might not have reproduced the conversation verbatim but the gist is intact. I don’t know if anyone found the response insensitive, but I felt it was nauseating to say the least.

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  2. First and foremost, beauty lies in the heart of a person and even if it is about looks, judging it by one's colour is ridiculous.

    First time here; never knew you had a blog - Swathi from MGL

  3. Hi Swathi!

    Welcome to my blog. And I am glad!
    Thanks for taking time to read some of my posts and commenting on them.

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