Watching Ghajini, the Tamil version on TV, I was left wondering what was in it that made it a block buster. More baffling is how the Hindi version is being touted as being a good thriller. Is it because it is Amir Khan’s flick the critics do not want to trash it and lap it up despite it being mediocre. I am pretty sure that if Murugadoss had not cast Amir in the lead role, his movie would have gone down with out a trace.

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  1. Hey Prabhu -- You're forgetting something -- The movie (Hindi version) is a chart record-breaker. Now, IMO, it is nowhere even close to Nolan's Memento (The movie Ghajini is "inspired from")... but you got to chill dude... Ghajini is a pure entertainer... Not all movies need to compel you to think man... hehe

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  3. Have not been able to catch up with Ghajini yet; wanted to buy a DVD soon; u saved my buck may be