Fascinating Read..

Absolutely enjoyed reading the book ,Richard Dawkin's Selfish Gene about which I had a post here. It's a brilliant book and I highly recommend it. Each chapter was a revelation to me. I was impressed with the authors knack of explaining concepts with understandable analogies . Extended Phenotype is another book by Dawkins. I will hunt it down soon for Dawkin considers it to be , more than anything else in his professional life , his pride and joy.

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  1. I will read this book Prabhu. Nice posts. I really enjoyed the Brian Lara series, please write a few more in that. I always have believed that he is better than Sachin. There is no way Sachin could stand to hit 400.

  2. Venkat,

    Yes, Brain Lara is better than Sachin. And I think Sachin is far more consistent than Lara.