Illayaraja's BGM Score

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Listen to the BGM score of the movie 'Kadhalakku Mariyadhai', the climax scene. It is compositions of this kind which establishes the fact- There is none on par with Illayaraja when it comes to scoring BGM.

3 comments :: Illayaraja's BGM Score

  1. Prabhu, Have you heard the BGM for Virumaandi and Guna?

    They are both absolutely fabulous, especially Virumaandi where Raja uses different techniques for the 2 points of views.

    Guna, has some of my all time favourite BGM music, especially when the film ends with the Poornima shot!

  2. Venkat,

    Yes, Guna had very good BGM score. Virumandi ..I haven't seen but surely Raja's compositions would have been different.

  3. very nice, i want this bgm


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