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I am an Engineering graduate.In my eighth semester I dicided to subscribe for the Brilliant tutorials coaching materials for Engineering Services Exam, year 2005.I was not confident of landing in a job and thought that the days after my university exam I need not waste time but do something worthwhile.I did subscribe.Later there was a surprise, I got a job through campus recruitment .My designation- Software Engineer. I was delighted for I thought it was possible for me to prepare for the exams without any stress for I have a job. But things didn't work that way . Work was hectic. I did not get any free time except for week days. My laziness got better of my interest in writing the exam that I did not touch the study materials which were arriving regularly from the tutorial.

Employment news annouced that UPSC is inviting applications for the Engineering Services Exam 2005. I was in two minds whether to apply not. I decide to write, fully aware that my performance would be worse. I posted the application , a month later I recieved the admission ticket also.

Usually the exam is on three days. First day, the test is to gauge candidate's english ability and current affairs. Second day is objective type test on technical subject. Third day is a conventional type technical paper, just like the university semester exam .

My performance was good in the general ability test , pretty much OK in the objective type test but it was total disaster for the conventional paper. I could not answer even a single question.One rule for the exam was that the candidates are not allowed to exit the hall till the alloted time expires. So I spent time by going through each
question and remembering the semester in which I had come across that topic, lecturer who handled the the subject , interesting happenings during the lecture hours and so on.Thus I must say that though my performance was dismal I enjoyed sitting for the exam for it was reminiscent of my college days.

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  1. This is really great to hear that you enjoyed the exam experience. We rarely find people saying they enjoyed the exam.


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