Delhi 6

I was interested in catching up with Delhi 6 for two reasons; A. R Rehman’s score and the book The Last Mughal by William Dalrymple. I was mighty impressed with OST of Delhi 6. And the book had ignited in me an interest in Old Delhi. An article in Outlook magazine which said that the film is a tribute to Old Delhi and that it leaves a strong impression by getting under viewers skin further kindled my interest. But what I experienced was in contrast to what I had expected. Delhi 6 is driven by a spineless script and weak characterization. The movie is not an ode to Old Delhi as embraced by the article in Outlook. Watching the movie was a trying experience and the ordeal ended with a finish which unintentionally is comical. Interestingly I felt that the music lacked luster when heard in conjunction with viewing the film. I didn’t find absolutely anything in Delhi 6 to recommend it and I am baffled on reading some rave reviews.

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